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Ultranet is Technical, and not just Creative.

By May 6, 2021 No Comments

There are many things Ultranet does in order to be proficient at the craft. It is not enough to have the catchiest tune or the most creative ad campaign to generate leads and create conversions. There is technical expertise that MUST exist to promote the client’s interest with the most effectiveness.

1. Ultranet is Accountable to the Bottom Line (ROI)

As technology evolves, Ultranet leverage technology to manage all the data that is now accessible to monitor and analyze behavior, build intelligent strategies, and create connected customer experiences. Simply put, measuring ROI is an effective way to show clients that strategies are working. One of the great challenges of measurement is the temptation to always pass irrelevant ROI data. Companies must move away from arbitrary metrics such as impressions, clicks, reach, and PR value. Instead, focusing on tracking and measuring the number and source of all leads, sales, and customer loyalty.

2. Ultranet is mastered in Google Analytics and Data Interpretation

Through the use of Google Analytics, (which is a free tool by the way) Ultranet can uncover a tremendous amount of data about websites that can be used to enhance our marketing and business development strategies. When used correctly, Google Analytics and other types of data resources allow professionals to target what works while correcting or removing what doesn’t. In order to get the most out of analytics, Ultranet helps in:

  • Customize dashboards for their unique business needs
  • Have a regular program of using it to get better results, not just for actions
  • Know where to look for the data needed
  • Ask the right questions to get the best results
  • Utilize Google Analytics integration across all marketing channels
  • Maximize Closed-loop data

Ultranet uses advanced technology tools and analytics to understand and utilize data to generate better decisions and deviations as needed.

3. Ultranet is capable of Change 

Ultranet keeps up with the evolving algorithm changes of Google, FB, etc. We also keep up with the latest tools that make work easier and allow our employees to be more efficient.

“It is very important to understand how A.I. works before it dominates the market will keep the team ahead of the game,” mentioned Product Manager of Ultranet, Ms. Gaby Wong.

The best practice is to keep up with the trends. Always know what is in and out of favor with consumers and the market. This will maximize efficiency and keep clients happy.

In conclusion, having a deeper understanding of the changes of the digital era prompts smarter decisions which leads to better partnership decisions, increased efficiencies in spending, and better utilization of internal and external resources.

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