How to Navigate the New Social Media Landscape

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Before their competitors ever sign up for a hot new social platform, a marketer who discovers it first may become an expert at publishing interesting content. While it’s crucial for marketers to keep fascinating platforms in mind, the first goal should still be to devote time, effort, and resources to those that are already prospering.

Focus on building and improving techniques on the profitable platforms, then timebox an hour or two once a month to look into additional platforms to ensure you’re balancing your time between new and old channels appropriately.

Here are six questions your team should ask itself when deciding whether platforms are worth observing or experimenting with:

What are its active user numbers?

Big numbers could indicate that the platform is gaining traction and that you have more opportunities to engage with a wide audience.

Are publications or thought leaders talking about it?

If a platform doesn’t provide exact stats, but a large number of users, significant figures, or news outlets are talking about it, it could be promising.

Do older platforms have a similar tool and bigger user base?

People may be hesitant to adopt a newer platform if an older platform does the same thing. Marketers, for example, prefer Instagram Stories to Snapchat Stories. Although Snapchat was the first to introduce the storey, the Instagram interface and experience is one that many more users are familiar with, understand, and trust.

Will the audience understand how to use the platform?

While a non-technical person may not appreciate TikTok, a teenager may become bored on a platform such as Facebook. Younger individuals, in fact, prefer visual apps such as TikTok and Instagram. While you should consider the degree of adaptation, you should also consider how your audience prefers to consume media.

What type of content or post could we use to promote our brand on the platform?

When exploring or launching a social network, you should always have a strategy in place. If you can’t think of any unique ways to market your niche product on a specialized site, you might want to reconsider creating an account. Experimenting with different posting tactics, on the other hand, may allow your brand to appear creative and cool to the platform’s audience.

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