We build e-commerce websites using the latest technology, providing you with an ultra modern platform that will exceed your expectations. From product management to payment processing, we ensure that your e-commerce website offers a smooth user journey and a user-friendly back-end.

Digital shopping experiences that create conversion

18 years of

Having an attractive and user-friendly website is even more important for e-commerce sites than for other ones. If your business is primarily selling online then your website is your shop front and if it does not look right, if the checkout process is too long or it is not compatible with all the devices that people are using to access it, then you could be missing out on sales.

Our experience in designing e-commerce websites and running marketing campaigns for the last 8 years has helped us to pinpoint design issues and solve problems that improve conversions and total sales.

Design & UX

Our web designers are experienced in creating e-commerce websites that are very simple to navigate, compatible with different devices, look good, are optimized to rank well on search engines and have a fast, efficient check out system. We work closely with our clients to find out exactly what they want and what their potential customers are looking for.

Data & Insight


We focus heavily on continuously measuring the impact of your webshop and are constantly looking at traffic and conversions. Using tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and PageSpeed, we ensure that you get the most out of your solution.

Examples of integrations

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Other Services

Corporate Websites

We know that a website is the company’s external face. Therefore, we are doing everything to design a solution that supports your CPIs

Digital identities

We help brands to achieve strong identities that create impact and reflect the company’s personality across platforms and media.

Web applications

At Ultranet, we develop tailored, complex web applications in the form of apps, intranet, extranet, applications, online services, portal & tools.

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