Ways of Ultranet in Engaging Different Temperatures of Audiences on FB

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Audience temperature is a major indicator of the extent to which consumers are familiar with and engage with your brand. Ultranet believes that understanding traffic temperature is the key to crafting a marketing strategy that successfully targets different categories of customers, from those that have never heard of your business to repeat customer audiences.

Tips for Engaging Cold Traffic Facebook Audience

This group is best to approach by introducing our brand to potential buyers. The goal is to make a powerful first impression which is the first step to building a long-term relationship with customers. Before Ultranet starts the marketing campaign, the aim being to introduce ourselves, it pays to first learn more about Ultranet’s target audience. Once we are done researching and profiling, Ultranet encourages to look into different types of content that can help engage with cold audiences. There is plenty of choice depending on niche and products, including guides, surveys, research findings, and podcasts.

According to Ultranet, other options to consider are videos, power posts, blog posts, and lead magnet squeeze pages. All these can help Ultranet to turn uninterested consumers into warm traffic. Now that audiences are engaged with us, Ultranet will focus on engagement metrics to find out whether our targeting approach has been successful. These include free offer requests, event RSPVs, video views, likes and shares on social media, and clicks to your website. This is how Ultranet drive and measure warm traffic that knows about us but still hasn’t bought whatever it is that you are selling.

Tips for Engaging Warm Traffic Facebook Audience

These are folks that not only know you but have begun to also like you. They are cheaper to market to and are more likely to respond than uninterested consumers. This is because they have at least a basic level of knowledge about Ultranet’s brand and product. At this stage, Ultranet educates them and offer helpful information in the form of co-calling, e-magazines, e-books, websites and etc.

Now is a good time to convince potential customers that what Ultranet offer is a high-quality product and value for money. Also, need to highlight how our company stands out from the competition and what makes us better than others offering similar products or services. It is also important to identify and address customers’ pain points or the problems they’ve encountered to which you can offer a solution.

There are different ways to go about addressing pain points such as reading online reviews, surveying consumers, and asking your sales department to share their opinions and observations. Taking a close look at Ultranet’s competitors also helps, including details such as their marketing copy, features pages, and website. With all pain points alleviated and consumers trusting you, potential customers have already transitioned to the hot traffic category which is much easier to convert.

Tips for Engaging Hot Traffic Facebook Audience

Hot audiences are made of people that already know Ultranet and trust us or engaged with Ultranet. They are confident that the solution Ultranet is offering can solve their problem best. This is the group with the greatest potential for conversion, and all we need to put them in a buying mood is a solid sales pitch. The types of content that work well at this stage include service offer, product pages, and landing and sales pages.

Retargeting offers a number of benefits such as improved cost-effectiveness, insights about Ultranet’s target audience, better brand recognition, and ultimately more sales. You can choose from a number of different strategies to achieve the above goals, including email, cross-channel, and buyer persona retargeting as well as contextual, site, and search targeting.

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