The Essential 3Ps of Digital Advertising

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Mastering the 3Ps, or three major pillars of advertising — Persona, Philosophy, and Personalization – is critical to properly managing your data. The proper people (Personas) and the correct data (Philosophy) go hand in hand, and both must be harnessed at the right time (Personalisation).

Personas: identifying your targets

Personas are models of people and their behaviours, as well as their buying patterns, and these buyer personas must be accurately developed and understood. You wouldn’t market to a frequent business traveller like you would to a college student.

Remember that personas are just models, and models must be flexible in order to stay up with changing trends and technologies. Personas and profiling should not be confused with stereotyping. The latter is based on assumptions, but creating the correct personalities necessitates a thorough examination of reliable business data.

Philosophy: getting it right

Once you’ve created your consumer personas, double-check that you have the correct information for each one. Your data will be crucial in determining who you’ll market to and how you’ll market to them. As a result, the information must be specific and actionable. Discovering trends will aid you in analysing target behaviour and tailoring your marketing strategy accordingly. We achieve a high level of precision when constructing profiles using machine learning and our own Data Management Platform (DMP), guaranteeing we’re targeting the correct folks.

Personalization: making it relevant

After you’ve built your personas, analysed your data, and strategized your results, it’s time to get personal. If your persona is correct, and your approach to data analysis is correct, the appropriate actions will be obvious. Consider how you could tailor your data-driven marketing to three members of a nuclear family, for example. Frequent traveller Dad would get recommendations for flying miles and discounts at cafés through his favoured e-wallets. Mom, an upscale mall shopper, would receive parking specials at her favourite shopping sites as well as advertisements for discounts on phone upgrades. Through his preferred gaming platform – mobile – gamer son would receive promotions for mobile data or game reward offers.

Being able to anticipate their demands in this way will give these target personas a better experience, resulting in positive campaign outcomes. Rather of coming across as aggressively pitching a product, you’re proving that you already know what they need before they do!

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