Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing can benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries. If you’re a small business owner, you may be questioning whether social media marketing is worth your time and effort. In short, it is. Too many people miss out on tremendous opportunity to get their name out there and grow their customer base by forgoing social media marketing altogether. It has been reported that approximately half of all small businesses aren’t using social media to promote their services and products.

If you’re currently trying to decide whether you should include social media in your marketing and advertising strategy, consider some of the many benefits of social media marketing.

Brand Awareness

Companies of all sizes and industries want to get their names out there. With millions of people using social media around the world, it’s easy to see why social media may be one of the best platforms for promoting your brand. It’s a great way to bring awareness to your company and showcase your products or services. Many brands also use social media as an outlet to share news, product updates and launches, and other information. The more people you can reach with this content, the better, and apart from your website, social media is one of the best ways to do so in this technology-driven world.

Increased Revenue

Businesses all have the common goal of drawing in as much revenue as possible. If you haven’t included social media as part of your marketing initiatives, you may be missing out on an additional stream of income. This ties in with brand awareness, and with more people finding out about your business, the more potential you have at growing your customer base. Not only does social media allow you to reach your target audience directly on a wide variety of platforms, but by word-of-mouth, too. Many of the people you’ll reach may not necessarily be interested in your product or service, but may still share your information with others who may be.

Depending on what you’re offering and the type of content you post on social media, several social media platforms also allow you to make money directly. You can sell products, book appointments, and collect customer leads through social media. Although you may be able to generate more revenue through organic social media posts, you can kick up your social media marketing up a notch by investing in paid campaigns. Even a modest budget enables you to reach hundreds (or thousands) of like-minded individuals who may be interested in purchasing your products or booking your services.

Improved SEO

Many different components make up a solid SEO plan, but many people are surprised to learn that their social media presence can also help to boost their rankings. While it’s not your actual social media marketing efforts that will directly improve SEO, it’s the actions that others take that can.

To understand this, it’s helpful to know more about how SEO works. For example, keep in mind that SEO relies heavily on good quality backlinks. Social media is an excellent platform for showcasing your best content, and compelling content is what gets shared. The more viral something becomes, the more your company’s website is linked back to, which can significantly improve your website’s domain authority. Although it can take a while before great content snowballs into something widely shared, social media is a great channel to get things moving.

Better Customer Service

Brands, both big and small, rely on excellent customer service to help them thrive. Whether it’s to ask a question, request more information, or troubleshoot an issue, most companies these days offer a variety of ways for customers to reach them. Telephone, email, and even live chat used to be the primary ways for customers to reach out to companies, but now many are turning to social media as their main point of contact. Because social media gives companies a better opportunity to interact with customers and typically improves response time, it generally provides for a better customer service experience overall.

Retargeting Opportunities

As briefly mentioned earlier, social media marketers have the option to expand their audience reach by investing in paid campaigns. More specifically, however, social media is an excellent platform for retargeting ads. Reach individuals who are more likely to convert to paying customers by displaying ads on social media that specifically target those who visited your website already and viewed specific product or service pages.


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