The 4 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore

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It may seem difficult to keep up with ever-changing digital marketing trends, but it is critical for business owners to do so. As more of us work from home, our use of social media has increased dramatically. While digital marketers seize this opportunity, other small business owners — and it doesn’t have to be you — scramble to adapt to changing consumer behaviour.

Video marketing

Videos can become viral on TikTok, allowing brands and average people to reach thousands of consumers every day all around the world. With the use of user-generated content as gasoline to spread the wildfire, artists can establish a trend while increasing brand exposure.

Following TikTok’s popularity, other firms such as Instagram began competing for video-related features, including Instagram reels in August 2020, which released globally in over 50 countries. Creators jumped on the trend to try to go popular on Instagram, thanks to creative alternatives and trends like incorporating video transitions.

However, just because video marketing is popular doesn’t mean you have to start paying for expensive video services. The emphasis is on storytelling and forming connections with your audience. The majority of short-form videos are enjoyable. Focusing on your content, such as the narrative, is more vital to develop a relationship with your community and establish your brand voice.

Niche marketing

Niche marketing is all about focusing on a single product or service in order to form a closer bond with your target customer. With a specialised market, you can pay close attention to your audience’s needs and understand what they want. It allows you to establish yourself as an authority figure and attract brand evangelists. Niche marketing is strategic since it allows you to grow over time and reach larger markets once you’ve built a solid network as a small business. You’ll be able to focus more on the quality of your delivery and creating relationships with a smaller audience. Because there is less competition, it is much easier to discover and target your audience, whether through organic marketing or paid ads.

Ecommerce platforms

Ecommerce platforms have recently grown in popularity and are predicted to continue to do so in the coming years. Retailers and product-based enterprises can profit from having an online presence by leveraging these channels for visibility and spreading brand recognition through social media. Store owners can leverage “Shoppable” posts and adverts on Instagram and Facebook to combine online shopping, providing a smooth experience for online users.

Mobile marketing

Mobile devices are used by shoppers to research products and make online purchases, accounting for more than half of all web traffic. In-store purchases have decreased dramatically since the Covid-19 outbreak, making it critical to have not only an internet presence, but one that is mobile-friendly as well. This involves making certain that your website is mobile-friendly.

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