4 Importance of Social Media Video Marketing in 2023

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Online audiences love watching videos, and it’s predicted that online video will make up more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic, by 2023. It’s proven that visual content retains user attention for a longer time, and they’re self-explanatory and engaging. Visual content like live streaming videos and video ads are excellent forms of storytelling that social media marketers can tap and effectively connect their audiences with, for higher impact and brand retention. Some of the significant connotations of using videos / visual content are:

1. Build Your Brand Trust

Facebook sends personalized videos to customers to thank them for joining the Facebook community, and also allows the users to take a stroll down memory lane with the “On this day” video feature. This, in turn, helps Facebook engage its customers better, retain them and build greater brand trust as well.

2. Connect With Your Customers

Incorporating visual content into your social media marketing strategy can give your customers an in-depth look at your products or operations. You can also build customers’ trust in your brand by introducing them to your team with a company culture video. Capture why your employees feel motivated to work, and the viewers will believe in your brand, knowing that your employees are driven and passionate.

While users consume such videos for entertainment and education, social media marketers can leverage this opportunity to convert their audience into loyal followers.

3. Showcase Products and Improve User Experience

With short-form videos gaining traction, and shoppers preferring video ads to understand the product better, social media marketers should leverage videos in their eCommerce strategy.

The Solo Stove video showcases the product in action and gives its viewers the background on how and why the product came to life. This video is a perfect blend of storytelling and product showcase. Social media marketers can use these videos to improve user experience and to present the use cases of their product(s), hence making a strong case for viewers to buy them.

4. Exhibit Customer Testimonials

People are more likely to get influenced when someone else endorses your brand as opposed to self-endorsements. Consequently, customers also care about how your brand is benefiting others, and testimonials are great for highlighting this.

Tesla created a testimonial video that is captivating with its cinematic and organic look. Instead of just watching the customer being interviewed, the viewers get to experience his day-to-day life with his Tesla Powerwall. For viewers, these everyday details make his positive statements about Tesla believable. Therefore by showcasing your existing customers and their journey with your brand/product, you can persuade potential customers to buy your products.


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