Top 3 Techniques for Better Content

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Good storytelling never goes out of style, but eye-catching visuals and good flow are what keeps readers on your page. Here’s top 3 techniques you can use to improve your content.

Use data and images to lend instant credibility

Data is more reliable than personal opinions. You can utilise facts to your benefit if you haven’t yet established personal credibility with an audience. Find evidence in the form of data and research to support your position.

Include data and statistics, then use those numbers to create any kind of image. You should notice a big increase in engagement. Proof, statistics, and visuals are all favourites of human brains. Using a combination of statistics, graphs, charts, and screenshots to your benefit is only logical.

Use quotes for instant authority

Skim right over a striking sentence hidden deep within an article’s text. When you put the same sentence in quote marks, it becomes something to live by. It’s almost as though our brains assume that if anything is in quotations, it must be true.

Maybe it’s because we like to quote successful and prominent individuals. Maybe it’s because quotes have an air of authority about them. Quotes work in either case, and they’re a terrific way to instantly add authority to your material.

Use stories to keep readers engaged

Telling a tale about a dull subject instantly makes it more intriguing and engaging. Regrettably, it isn’t always simple. Even a modest amount of storytelling in your content can have a significant impact. Instead of presenting your point directly, give an example that clearly demonstrates your idea. It will be more relatable to your readers, and they will pay attention to it.

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