14 Essentials of Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Business

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Social media marketing is the process of promoting a product, service, or brand through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The following are the essentials of social media marketing:

1. Identify Business Goals

It is essential to know your goals; based on that, only your social media strategy will be decided. You must set your business objectives to go ahead. You should closely examine the overall requirement of your business and find out how you will use your social media strategy to fulfill them. There could be many goals in your head, but those that need special attention are brand awareness, customer retention, cutting overhead costs, etc.

2. Identify Ideal Customers

If your business is registering a low success rate in social media profiles, this could mean you need an ideal customer profile. Therefore, it is essential to know your target customers. This would help you connect with the right people according to location and time. You will need to know the age group, income, likes and dislikes, challenges, habits, and aspirations of your target audience to attract them to your social media page.

3. Set Marketing Objectives

It would help if you defined your objections in clear terms so that you know how to shape your social media campaigns. Having goals will only help you if you know what you have achieved in which field. Always choose an objective or parameter based on your resources that are within your control. Never set unimaginably higher objectives. The golden rule you should follow when it comes to your objectives is SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

4. Research Competition

It is helpful to research your competitors to know what tactic works in favor of their business so that you can incorporate various successful tactics into your business and enjoy profits. Check the social networks your competitors are using and their content strategy. Compare their fan followers, frequency of posting, and the content they use in their posts. You should look at the amount of engagement to know what kind of posts users are checking. You can use a specific formula for calculating the engagement activities like comments, likes, and shares to get an overall picture of their businesses so that you can gear yourself up against them.

5. Choose Channels and Tactics

You should know which social media platform will give you the highest returns. By looking at the activities of your customers on your social media sites, you will know which platform you should make as the primary one and which one to keep as secondary.

6. Have a Personality

This refers to an in-depth analysis of your customer’s requirements, interests, behavior, fear, etc. By understanding your audience’s personality, you will know which media platform will benefit you the most. Your social media channel will reveal the face of your brand personality.

7. Establish Your Most Important Metrics and KPIs

Using different tools, you should review your business performance from time to time. KPI or key performance indicators refers to the data which will tell how your business is achieving your goals. KPI is about revenue concentration which will let you know how well your business is performing. Metrics are tracking to know your business processes.

8. Create a Content Strategy

Good content inspires customers to learn about your business. You should maximize your content by following various tactics. First is that you should make them visible. Visual content has a higher chance of getting appreciated on social media pages. You should also include images to make them highly effective and interactive.

Additionally, you can post emotional content that will create excitement, curiosity, and fun in the audience’s minds, subsequently leading to customer engagement. Thirdly you should emphasize posting educational content or informative content. Audiences like to share them for self-help or to help others.

9. Integrating It With the Rest of the Digital Strategy

You should rely on something other than social media to promote your business. You must integrate it with your different digital marketing strategies to achieve your overall business objectives. Social media increases sales, which is why most companies use this and other business tactics to maximize profits. You can use Google Analytics to get insights on web traffic and site behavior of different marketing tactics. This will help you know how to use all the channels, like content marketing, PPC, email marketing, search engine optimization, etc., to reap the best benefits for your business.

10. Make Your Social Presence as Timely as Possible

It is important to strengthen your social media presence to make the audience feel comfortable talking to you. This way, they will be willing to listen to your message. A consistent presence on social media will help people recognize your business and make a significant difference.

11. Use a Scheduling Tool

You can use some readymade tools to help you manage your social media marketing activities. You can use various photo editing tools in your posts to make them attractive. Similarly, you can use blog aggregator tools, social media automation tools, social following tools, etc., to manage your campaigns.

12. Promotion (Advertising)

This refers to the short-term promotional advertisements you will make to increase the sales of your products and services or to update your customers about any new launch.

13. Engagement (Community Management)

It defines the way or the process through which your business will engage with your target customers on social media. This is about bringing authenticity to your business by building a community of existing customers and attracting fresh ones.

14. Measurement (Metrics, KPIs, and Analytics)

Analytics tracking helps you compare different engagement metrics, for example, likes or shares and website traffic. While a larger portion prefers likes and shares, the rest of the opinion goes toward the website traffic to build businesses. You can judiciously use the two methods to attain your business goal.


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