5 Reasons Why Landing Pages are Important

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Search Engine Optimization

Local content

Having content relevant to the surrounding area is one of the best methods to get your site to rank better when people search locally and on mobile devices. Creating landing pages with highly localised neighbourhood content is an excellent place to begin. Building the appropriate local content and links can help your pages rise in the local search index.

Social content

Sending your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts to landing pages that are customised for each network is a terrific approach to strengthen the relationship. You’ll see a far better level of engagement in those networks if you run social media feeds on these pages and acknowledge the link.

Smart content

You can better route consumers to relevant information by designing landing pages that address certain market segments, product segments, or critical content segments for your organisation. Using Survey Funnel in conjunction with your landing pages could allow visitors to tell you what they’re looking for and be guided to relevant information depending on their preferences.

Lead capture

Landing pages are your secret weapon for capturing leads. You may wish to develop signup forms for most of your web sites if you have a wonderful eBook or free workshop to advertise. When you develop a website that discusses, sells, and proves the benefits of obtaining your free report, your signups will skyrocket. A landing page containing video, audio, graphics, explanations, and an easy-to-understand call to action will aid lead capture campaigns even more.

Advertising conversion                                      

Any form of advertising will be far more effective if it is directed to a page with only information that supports the message in your ads. The more relevant the page is to the advertisement, the more effective it will be. Smart marketers test different ad and landing page combinations all the time, including designing keyword-optimized pages for certain PPC ad groups.

Whatever your goal is, landing pages are an excellent way to attract the attention of your target market. Landing pages are a great tool for everything from beginning a business to running specific campaigns.

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