How Do You Measure Digital Marketing?

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Measuring your Facebook and LinkedIn posts

When you post something on Facebook or LinkedIn, you want to know how many people see it and how many interact with it. This will assist you in determining the most effective themes and formats. For example, if you discover that your Market Commentary pieces are a flop but your personal images receive high interaction, you may use this information to tailor your content balance for the following month. The key metrics to follow are reach, reactions, and comments.

Measuring Facebook and LinkedIn as a whole

Success isn’t determined by a single post; it’s determined by the sum of your efforts. This includes things like followers, total reach, and overall engagement. You’re gradually establishing a following that not only responds to your postings, but also seeks you out when they have a financial need. The key metrics are total followers, monthly follower growth, monthly reach, reactions, and comments.

Measuring your digital advertising

The effectiveness of digital ads is evaluated objectively. After all, if you’re trying to raise brand awareness rather than collect leads, you should evaluate yourself differently. Thankfully, LinkedIn and Facebook work in a similar manner.

Awareness—Cost Per Mille (CPM)—This is the cheapest objective, one in which you’re simply looking to make people aware of you and your ideas. CPM tells you the cost to reach 1,000 people.

Engagement—Cost Per Result—Engagement comes in different forms. It could be a link click, a video view or any number of other actions. In these cases, you’ll measure cost per desired result.

Conversion—Cost Per Lead—Even leads come in a variety of forms. It could be a lead captured within Facebook or LinkedIn or even a conversion on your website. Either way, it’s best measured as cost per lead.

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