4 Social Media Strategies That Help You to Generate Revenue During Covid-19

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4 Useful Social Media Strategies

  1.  Exciting Giveaway Contest 
  2.  Buy First Do Later or Pre-booking Model 
  3.  Offer High-Value Package
  4.  Sell Related Equipment/ Product 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started early this year, almost all brick & mortar retailers have been forced to halt their business activities. To survive, many are moving in the right direction by shifting their focus to online. However, not all businesses can enjoy the ease of moving their business activities online.

This is especially true for service-based retailers such as hair & beauty salon as it is nearly impossible to perform the services online. Knowing how difficult the situation is, this article is dedicated to sharing some possible marketing strategies that can help businesses generate revenue. These strategies can be taken immediately by you on social media in response to the devastating crisis.

Strategy 1: Exciting Giveaway Contest

With customers having more time on screen than before, now is the best time to have audiences engaged with a giveaway contest. You can even come out with a slightly challenging contest to spice up the excitement of candidates’ life. Although a few prizes are needed to give out in the process, you gained a mass amount of audience who are interested in obtaining your services. Some even purchase from you after they have failed to win the contest!


[Example 1: Challenging mathematical quiz contest, answer correctly to earn the chance of winning giveaway]

Strategy 2: Buy First Do Later or Pre-booking Model

Customers understand that it is a disastrous time for local retailers. Community-based initiatives have taken off to support local small businesses. One approach is to ask for customers’ support by pre-booking your services & redeem after MCO lifted. To let customers feel safe to pre-book now, you can add a full refund policy if the service is not performed before a specific date.

[Example 2: One of our local start-ups went viral after asking the community to support their business through pre-ordering.]

Strategy 3: Offer High-Value Package

A cash injection is what businesses needed the most now to pay off the fixed cost. Customize more packages that comprise abundance or high quantity of services and offered it at a lucrative price that customers can ever ask for. This strategy mainly helps in binding customer for longer-term & also generate a higher amount of revenue in a short time.

[Example 3: Another viral strategy from AirAsia, they created an ‘Only for MCO’ package. It offers an unlimited quantity of services within a period with a fixed price on it, what an unbeatable offer!] 

Strategy 4: Sell Related Equipment/ Product

Instead of getting yourself fill with full of questions on how to market your services, another way to deal with the panicking question is to shift the focus from selling services to products/ equipment related to your business. You might be worried that customers will not return to your services after purchasing the equipment, but that is not true. We still looking for hairstylists even we bought a hair trimmer to temporarily keep our hair tidy.

[Example 4: An armpit hair laser removal service provider expanded from selling services only to selling armpit shaver.]


Thinking & doing outside of the box is the only way to combat the unprecedented tough opponent. The 4 strategies above came out after observing the marketing campaign from hundreds of service-based retailers during the Covid-19 period. It is worth trying it out to increase your chance of not just surviving but thriving.

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