10 Steps to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

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1. Keep reaching out to prospects

It doesn’t matter where you are with your digital marketing agency; the thing that can help it grow is continuous prospecting. In this business, there’s no such thing as “enough prospects.”

The more prospects you target, the more offers you’ll get. And the more offers you get, the more money and success might come your way.

Remember that you never want to appear desperate when reaching out to your target market. It’s perfectly fine to lose a prospect or decide you don’t want to work with them.

Sometimes, you have to be selective for the sake of your well-being and the future of your business. That said, if a particular prospect isn’t a good match, it’s not the end of the world.

There are plenty of different prospecting strategies that you can use to propel your digital marketing agency. Try as many as possible until you land a plan that works best for you and your business.

2. Entice the prospects with a great offer

As you keep targeting your prospects and have some of them reach back to you, it’s important to entice them with an offer they wouldn’t want to refuse.

Remember that these prospects have plenty of marketers targeting them. Just because you managed to establish a contact doesn’t guarantee a closed deal.

The thing about online marketing is that most marketers and agencies today ask for upfront pricing and payment or retainers to do the work.

This is rather logical, considering digital marketing projects take time and effort to show true results. Still, this doesn’t guarantee that the business owners will get the work they’re paying for.

You can find your irresistible offer right there; for instance, a free or discounted trial period for SEO or paid ads can be an excellent way to show your agency’s capabilities. Generating leads for free for a shorter period may be another kind of offer that’s also hard to pass.

This can show the business owners that you run a serious, professional, and confident agency. When you deliver on these initial offers, they’ll be far more likely to proceed to hire you for long-term projects.

3. Focus on the delivery instead of over-promising

Most people are obsessed with selling themselves to prospects, but doing that by over-promising can set you up for failure. When explaining the strategy to your client, it’s best to downplay their expectations.

For instance, you can achieve the desired SEO rank for their website in three months but explain to them that it might take as long as six months to get to that point. And when you make the mark after three months (or anywhere less than six), your client might be impressed with the delivery and happily remain on board with your digital marketing agency.

4. Start by fully mastering one niche

As a digital marketing agency, your goal is to plan and execute marketing campaigns for clients without too much concern about their niche. You’ll gain insight into these niches as you go.

But it would be very beneficial for a startup digital marketing agency to have at least one specific niche fully mastered instead of trying to be a full-service agency from the get-go.

When you speak the lingo of the niche and show your interest in it, the clients of that niche may be more inclined to choose your agency. It also helps you get into the details of that client’s specific struggles in the market, thus delivering better solutions.

5. Outsource the grunting part

You don’t have to do all the work on your own. Even if you have regular employees, they don’t have to waste their time and effort on unproductive and menial tasks.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s all done online. Therefore, you can also find online assistance for some grunt work. Working with freelancers or virtual assistants on matters like these can save you a bunch of time and money so that you can focus on more pressing issues.

Using other companies for your digital marketing APIs or other relevant solutions is also possible to ease and streamline your work.

6. Pay attention to what the client tells you

Most of today’s business owners understand that they need digital marketing, but they probably need help understanding it. Chances are that they know what they need to achieve their own goals.

So, if a client tells you they want more customers to hire more people and have more free time for themselves, don’t try to pitch them with talks about SEO, Google, social media, and Facebook ads.

They are more likely to respond to you positively if you show understanding of their situation and explain to them in their own words that you can make their goal happen.

7. Offer different marketing skills

As mentioned, several different aspects and skills go into the vast space of digital marketing term. It’s okay to start your digital marketing agency by offering every single skill, but some are more effective than others when it comes to making a name out of your agency and growing it from there.

For a start, make it a point that your digital marketing agency offers SEO, lead generation, AdWords, and social media ads

8. Maintain long-term relationships with clients

Clients can change their minds at any point and tell you that they don’t want you to run ads for them anymore or don’t need your SEO services. In these cases, there’s not much that you can do unless you prepare a strategy to keep the client long-term in advance.

As you’re doing lead generation and ranking the websites you own to boost the client’s SEO, you can always keep those leads and websites once they decide to cut you off.

After all, they’re your property. You can also create high-quality backlinks that the websites you’re working with simply can’t afford to lose.

9. Electronic payments all the way

What are you doing running a digital marketing agency and asking for written checks from your clients?

Think about it — if they have to write a monthly check for your services, they’ll be more inclined to consider just how much it’s all worth. This is a conscious action and thought process on their part, not to mention that a monthly payment via check might seem quite expensive to them at some point.

On the other hand, electronic payments — specifically weekly electronic payments — are far more beneficial for your digital marketing agency and keeping clients in the sales funnel. They’re effortless, especially when you have the auto-pay option.

Taking a small chunk with electronic auto-pay every week won’t seem as excessive or splurgy compared to writing a big fat check every month, so get in on the Ecommerce game.

10. Always think long-term

There can be instances when your clients are late with their payments or offer a deal that might be less than what you’d normally go for. Of course, you shouldn’t make it a habit to go below your worth, but if the client in question is someone you already have good experience with, it can do you good long-term to meet them halfway from time to time.

They’ll find you even more pleasant to work with and send much-needed referrals, making the current situation well worth it.

The world of business and digital marketing is not all black and white. Find your little gray area where you can establish yourself as an authority.


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