What Is Accessible Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

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What Is Accessible Marketing?

Accessible marketing is the use of inclusive design practices that make it possible for users of all abilities to fully experience the brand, receive and understand communication, and take advantage of opportunities to engage with and become fans of the brand, services, or products.

It matters because brands that leverage accessibility in their marketing expand their reach to potential customers, grow their businesses, and have a positive impact on their audience and in their markets. They may also achieve compliance and legal requirements, which exist in many countries.


How Should You Consider Disabilities as You Design for Accessible Marketing?

The World Health Organization defines disability as a mismatch between the needs of an individual and a product, service, or social structure. In other words, the demands of the environment do not align with the abilities of the individual; therefore, it becomes an accessibility problem.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all disabilities are permanent. They can be temporary or situational as well. But whether someone’s disability is permanent, temporary, or situational, the method in which the marketing is delivered needs to be considered.

Accessible marketing meets the needs of various disabilities, including impairments in mobility, vision, hearing, speech, and cognition. For example, someone with vision impairment would need audio descriptions of your videos to understand the content being presented. Individuals with hearing impairments require captions on that video, so they can read about what’s happening.

If you really think about it, there are many opportunities to design our marketing to be accessible to everyone. In fact, when you design for inclusion, you make it possible for all users to benefit.



Marketing accessibility matters for the sake of all users and brands. It helps the two connect in ways they haven’t been able to before while meeting the needs of users everywhere. Consider the benefits of accessible marketing or inclusive marketing in your organization as you plan your future strategies.


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