The Impact Of Mobile Apps On Businesses

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Technology has taken over every sector. Technology advancement comes with more and more convenience and that is why everybody embraces any one that comes. Several decades ago, all you needed to sell your products and services was a physical store. All the best retail outlets all operated on the physical terrain. People ordered either by going to the store physically or by making an order through phone calls.

Gradually, the emergence of internet changed everything. With the emergence of internet, every retailer who wanted to remain in business had to get a functional website. Otherwise, they will run out of business.

Technology now moved from desktop websites to mobile website since people now access internet more via mobile devices than via laptops and PCs. As companies were getting settled with mobile websites, the emergence of smartphones raised the bar again. Now, having a mobile website is not enough. To guarantee the convenience of your customers you need a mobile app.

The world is crazy about mobile apps because of several benefits attached to it. This is why app development has become the hottest business right now. The high demand for mobile apps has led to the emergence of several app development companies.

Little wonder well trained app developers are highly sought after by app development companies right now and they pay them relatively higher than other professionals. Some of the irresistible benefits of mobile apps have been outlined below.

With a functional mobile app, you are sure of regular traffic. It facilitates customers’ visit to your website. Since customers will not just tap on the app, they will tap on it when they want to order a product or service, a functional app pulls traffic with higher conversion rate.

There are other certain highly important features that make a mobile app what it is. Without some of these features, you may not be able to get the best results from your mobile app.

Quick Feedback

Every mobile app should have a quick feedback feature. It could be either a link or a button that will open up either a blank email template or a plain message template. This will make it easy for your customers to send their feedback. The easier it is for your app users to send a feedback, the more feedbacks you are likely to get. And it is not in your best interest to miss feedbacks as the best ideas are usually gotten from customers’ feedback.

Share Button

You have to create a share button and also integrate your app with all the popular social media. This makes it easy for the users of your mobile app to share your advert or other web content through all the social media. The easier it is to share your content the more users will share it. And sharing cannot be easier than using a share button. This feature is very important. It will help you to keep track of the necessary statistics of your app. The report from the analyses will guide you on how to upgrade your app. It also helps you determine the features that are pulling the traffic and the ones that are just redundant.

Search and Filters

If you have a long list of services and products, it may be cumbersome for customers to scroll through before they can find what they are looking for. Only very few customers will have such patience. It is better to include a search and filter feature in your mobile app. So that instead of scrolling through, customers can just describe what they want with the filters and search through.

Good Performance

Nothing is as infuriating and frustrating as a slow app. Your app should load very fast and it should not hang at any point. If some of your customers are in African countries, you might design your app in such a way that it will still respond with low internet signal. Poor signal is a common challenge in many West African countries.


Without this feature in place, all the other features are useless because if the confidential information of any user leaks out and he finds out it is from your app, he could sue you for an amount that can erode your profits. So, security should be of paramount importance when developing your app.

Cheap Form of Advertisement

When you place an advert on a billboard what is your objective for it? To constantly remind people about your company, your products and your services… isn’t it? Having your app on people’s phones does the same thing. As each of them scrolls around the main menu of their phone, they keep passing by your app and this is a constant reminder of your existence. Now, do you have any idea how many times each user navigates through his mobile device on a daily basis?

Easy Communication

With a mobile app, communication and interaction will be easier and faster between you and your customers. Mobile app comes with so much convenience that if you don’t talk to app developers for your mobile app fast, your customers will leave you for your competitors that already have a functional app. Who doesn’t like convenience?

Since technology has made it compulsory for every business owner to have their own apps, the demand for app development hit the roof. While some companies ask for a new app, others seek regular update and upgrade of theirs.

Naturally, when there is a high demand for a certain service, providers of such service begin to spring up just to cash in on the high demand. More app development companies were founded in 2016 than in previous years altogether.

Do not make the mistake of hiring the very first developer you come across no matter how impressive his terms of service are. You can’t possibly make informed comparisons by talking to only one developer. Besides, there may be better services at lower charges out there.

You should talk to at least three app developers before you make a choice. The most important quality to look out for is experience. It is very important to hire an experienced developer but you have to apply some caution. Several inexperienced developers usually inflate their years of experience just to lure clients. So you must request documentary evidence on this.

Secondly, the most experienced developer usually offers the highest charges. This should not be a problem if the charges are within your budget. If it is not, then you have to move to the next in line in terms of experience. The catch is to strike a balance between experience and affordability.


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