Artificial Intelligence And It’s Role In Mobile App Development

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The birth of artificial intelligence has brought a whole new era of great mobile app potentials. For several years now, mobile app developers have adopted artificial intelligence in their Innovations. For instance, Apple’s Siri has been used for quit a long time now and still has the potentials of transforming in the nearest future. Machine learning is fast developing, and users now require a flexible algorithm for an enhanced experience. The advancement and availability of machine learning and AI are causing major advancements in the manner in which users, businesses and developers appreciate the interactions within mobile applications.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

This is a branch of science that focuses on developing and designing intelligent machines that react, work and like humans. Artificial intelligence solution is a way of impacting intelligence to machines so they can solve problems on their own more accurately, efficiently and quickly.
Big companies like Uber, Amazon eBay and others have successfully adopted AI into their business model. AI can boost a company’s competence because it offers personalised, relevant and seamless customer services and experiences. Data collected by AI in mobile apps helps in understanding customer behaviour. This enhances the amount of customer retention because it builds customer interaction. According to data statistics, within one week, users uninstall or abandon about 70% of mobile apps. The main reason for this is that some apps are not able to meet customer needs due to factors like bugs, speed and overall poor user experience. Furthermore, there more mobile phone users than desktop. Many people use mobile apps to learn, purchase or browse for information.

This shows that businesses need to immediately incorporate artificial intelligence into their mobile app development to gain all the benefits it offers. Here are some top ways in which artificial intelligence is creating a more felt presence and enjoyable user experience to mobile app users.

Ability to Reason

The AI mobile app is designed in such a way that it can make decisions; resource cost and weigh benefits and risk. This capability is stunning and has proved that machine created with AI technology has beaten humans in jeopardy and chess. All this activity is intelligently carried out by the AI algorithms and not by humans.

For instance, the Uber AI app advises the driver about the fastest route that will take customers to their desired locations. This is done by AI data processing which has compared several data from previous drivers and customers who have taken different routes to the same destination.

Engaging Content

As earlier mentioned, many mobile applications fail to retain users due to lack of relevant, exciting and fresh customers engaging contents. Sending recommendations to customers is one good example of knowing the right content to adopt in mobile apps. Behavior patterns through purchase history and search history are being collected by the AI algorithm and offer possible recommendations based on them. For instance, a mobile app built for a sports facility can adopt AI to comprehend the category of lessons a user buys and make appropriate recommendations when there are newly posted lessons related to it.

Remarkable Predictions

From the use of mobile applications, one can testify that there are constant notifications concerning offers, discounts and products to engage the audience from time to time. All these are due to the work of predictive artificial intelligence algorithm which adopts former browse history, purchase history and use the information gotten to predict what the user may wish to purchase. One of the main benefits of predictive AI is that it will enhance the revenue of the establishment.

Also, the AI algorithm has been used to detect patterns, especially for debit or credit cards mobile apps. The mobile app will comprehend these patterns during card usage and adopts the behaviour of customer’s pattern through purchases and former bank statements. In case of any unauthorised transactions or payments, the AI will immediately notify the user.

Personalization Capability

Access to purchase history, behaviour patterns and customer’s location makes the mobile world a perfect platform for artificial intelligence apps. The AI algorithm uses this data to facilitate more intuitive and personalised customer service. This makes the user experience more valuable and enjoyable because the capabilities of the AI can be ported into several kinds of mobile apps. As AI proves to connect users closer to the product and services provided, most forward-thinking businesses are now focusing on it.

How Mobile App AI Development Impacts Businesses

Nowadays, there is an increase in customer demands and competition among businesses with similar services and products. In other to compete effectively and to meet customer’s needs, businesses are continually adopting AI mobile app technology. AI helps telecommunications; e-commerce and retail deeply engage customers, giving more incentive to the use of their services. Amazon has made a huge success in this aspect by bringing together Amazon’s Echo and Prime delivery service.

Machine learning and AI driven apps can collect information through mobile devices, online traffic, the point of sale machines and more. To redefine their personalised offer, forward-thinking establishments are very eager to design such apps.

For companies who want to develop outstanding apps for their business, the world of AI is providing a new and wide range of opportunities to make it possible. From Chabot that help users in every stage of the buying cycle (selecting products and making payments) to intelligently designed apps that Improve customer’s experience. AI is offering top and promising benefits for e-commerce and retail businesses.

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