How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Today, marketing is predominantly data-driven.

The more digital strategies and campaigns you can produce, the more profit you’ll see. Some examples of popular digital strategy campaigns are email marketing blasts, webinars, and podcasts, but let’s start with the quickest jump-start tools to get your new marketing efforts off the ground and in front of consumers.

1. Always Be Creating

To stay relevant, provide informational content about your company through blog posts, articles, “how-to” content, videos, charts, and more. Content allows your audience to visualize themselves with your brand, product, or service.

An increase in content distribution will ultimately generate leads getting you one step closer to your sale. By now, you’ve established a credible team that creates necessary content to close your deal.

2. Use Search Engines to Bring Leads

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a technique to improve your website’s rankings on search engines like Google. Your presence within SERPs (search engine results pages) depends on the quality of the content you publish on your web pages, blog posts, and even social media.

Smaller or start-up businesses can benefit from organic marketing and direct B2C or B2B interactions. Companies that have more leeway with their budget can turn to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) with relatively immediate results as paid ads sit on top of the organic search results. If your company has the means, this is a great method for increasing leads. The total you pay for the campaign stems from how many clicks your ads get.

3. Know Your Social Media

Social media can be seemingly simple, but there’s a lot of backend work that comes into play. Before you set a budget for your digital marketing efforts, make sure you know the ins and outs of social media and your presence on the various platforms.

Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat (the list goes on), build your profile to reflect your company’s value. Post and promote products, specials, and services through pictures and videos. The more you engage with your audience (such as responding to customer comments on a post), the better your reputation and the more eyes on your brand.

Picking the right digital strategy is like pairing your dinner with a glass of wine. The resources you choose are based on the audience you want to reach and complement each other.

4. Cross-Market Your Campaigns

Combine the strategies you’ve learned to reach a larger audience. Done correctly, your digital marketing efforts across different channels can interact well with one another.

Include social media icons within your email marketing campaigns to bring them straight to your company profiles. Place a link on one of your latest social posts to bring them to a helpful blog post. The more you interact with and engage your audience, the more ROI you’ll see.

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