5 Ultranet Key Steps to Manage Your Own Website

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Getting your own website is a great first step towards building your own online empire. However, there is still jobs to be done even though the website was live.

With Ultranet, we are able to provide you with certain steps that will ensure your website continues operating without any hesitations, hence converting your visitors to customers.



The most important part when it comes to good website management is to make sure that the website will continuously remain safe and responsive as it used to be, as to deliver the best user experience.

So, here are the 5 Steps of how Ultranet manages its own website


Always not to forget backing up your website, as the consequence can be more worse than you could imagine. Backing up the website enables you to get back online in the fastest possible once encountered any compromised host or website. With Ultranet, we are able to provide customers with easy scheduling backups, either into your own computer hard drive or external destinations for example Dropbox or Google Drive, to ensure your site is well protected.


Cybercrime is no longer fresh news nowadays. Without any security protections, we are all vulnerable to those malicious cyber-attacks. You would never want to leave anything to chance especially during this rapid growth phase of online security threats and malware. Consider using reliable anti-virus software to ensure your site is fully protected and malware-free. Ultranet hereby advise all website owners to do routine security check-up whenever it’s possible. And make sure you never click on any suspicious emails or links.


Check your website analytics regularly. The numbers and figures are a huge helping hand in understanding your website traffic from several perspectives. With Ultranet, you may customise your own website with a comprehensive analytic data where you know which traffic sources are your visitors come from, the time they spent viewing the site, and which site is the most being viewed. This allows you to keep track and enhance the pages that bring the most conversions, transforming your website from an information-sharing platform, into a profit-generating channel.


Schedule your database optimization regularly; ideally once in a quarter. Due to the high usage of posting and frequent drafting, the WordPress database might get rather large and overloaded that will affect its peak performance. By regular optimization, you are more likely to be able to ensure the website you manage is always at its finest. You do not want your database filled with that old post seven years ago.


Once you have installed or activated any plugins, you will want to go through them and evaluate their performance. Make sure that the plugin is working perfectly fine and able to sustain for a longer period. Ultranet suggests to always have few replacements in your backups in case you discover any of the widget malfunctioned or has been abandoned.

Website management can indeed be quite intimidating and troublesome. However, with the right knowledge on what to do and when to do it, it can simplify the task a lot more. A well-managed website is no doubt a great helping hand for you and your business. By working with Ultranet, customer will be promised a professional custom-made website that perfectly fits with their demand and interests, along with solutions that make digital business operations simpler ever after.

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