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Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Marketing

5 Best Ultranet Ways to Optimize Your Website for Marketing

Ultranet’s philosophy is to create a website that accurately represents your business. This is not directly related to the visual aspect of it but on the quality of the information provided.

Optimize your website is as crucial as having a great shop window. It should look good on the outside and when customers enter your shop, everything should be organized and in place.

Website Analysis

Review Your Website’s Design

Before starting any campaigns, Ultranet will take some time and review your website and make sure that:

  • It has a simple site structure – To optimize your website you should start with a good site structure which helps both users and search engines navigate a website to easily find the information they need. As a rule of thumb, any page on your site should be accessible from the homepage in 3 clicks or less.
  • It’s user-friendly and functional – Evaluate your website’s friendliness using the principles of SEO friendly web design and try to remove design elements that add complexity or are not needed.
  • It has accurate information about your company and products – Make sure that it provides users with everything they need to know about your company and products. Make use of visual elements to get the attention of your users.
  • It’s fast and mobile-friendly – The majority of your users will come from mobile devices so test your website on mobile and optimize your website experience of the user in the best way possible.

To find out more about our web design please head to Ultranet for more info.

Optimize your website for SEO

Now It is important to start thinking about your SEO strategy. Ultranet utilize a well-defined SEO plan will eventually increase your rankings and traffic from search engines.

SEO is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in search engines and it consists of a number of steps:

  • Technical SEO – Making sure that your website is free of crawl errors and other issues that might keep search engines from indexing your website properly.
  • On-Page SEO – Optimize your website by making your webpages SEO friendly and your content easy to read by search engine crawlers.
  • SEO Content – Writing content that satisfies the user intent.
  • Off-Page SEO – Promoting your website for the purpose of getting high-quality links from other websites.
  • Local SEO – Optimize your website for location-aware searches and for getting more clients to your brick and mortar store.

Want to know more about SEO? Please head to Ultranet  for more info.

Optimize your website for social media

It is crucial to optimize your website for social media. This is not the same as social media marketing, but it has to do with:

Having visual elements (images, video) on your website that can be shared on social media networks.

We add social media sharing buttons on the pages you want to be shared on social networks.

Making sure that when a user clicks the share button (or shares your URL directly), the generated snippet is well-formatted. Adding the necessary open graph meta tags and using image sizes and formats supported by all major networks is recommended.

Many webmasters skip this step when they want to optimize your website unlike Ultranet and it’s a mistake that can negatively affect your social media promotion efforts.

While it looks like it’s more technical and not marketing related, it does play an important role. If your website does not allow users to share your content properly, don’t expect any social media exposure.

Implement Paid Ads to reach more customers

As soon as you get started with SEO and social media marketing while attempting to optimize your website, you’ll realize one thing. It takes time for SEO to work and to get to a decent number of followers on social media organically.

This means that if you want results faster, you need to add one more ingredient to your website marketing and that is paid advertising.

Thus, Ultranet utilizes paid advertising, you can get targeted traffic fast and start making sales or conversions.

There are various advertising platforms you can use but the most common are:

  • Google Ads – Target people based on the search terms they use on Google or show your ads on other Google properties (YouTube, Gmail) and websites that participate in Google AdSense.
  • Facebook Paid Ads – Promote your Facebook page, social media postings or ads to people using Facebook, Instagram or Facebook messenger.

Both methods are very effective in terms of trying to optimize your website but you should be careful not to waste a lot of money on advertising without a return. Better start with a low budget and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and add more money as long as there is a positive ROI.

Keep your website and content up-to-date and move forward

When you want to optimize your website for marketing, you should not forget two important things:

1. To keep your website up-to-date

This means upgrading your website software to the latest version, as Ultranet constantly updates it to ensure that your website is secure and using the latest technologies.

For example, as part of your strategy, you may consider accelerated mobile pages (AMP), which is the new HTML format supported by Google and other networks.

2. To keep your content fresh and relevant

Besides publishing new content targeting specific keywords and increasing your organic reach can help to optimize your website, we recommend to go back and audit your existing content.

As your website gets bigger and older, some of your content will become outdated and this is not good for users or search engines.

The first step of the process is to find thin content pages. These are pages that have no rankings, backlinks or traffic.

Maybe the content on those pages is good but since they don’t rank for anything, they don’t offer any real value to your website. As part of the audit, you should decide to either:

  • Update and republish them- Remove them and redirect the URL to other related pages on your website
  • Merge them with other pages- The second step is to review your Google analytics and Google search console reports and find out which are the most popular pages of your website.

A page that has high rankings can be utilize to optimize your website now does not mean that it will maintain those rankings forever. The competition is big and chances are that new pages are published on a daily basis targeting exactly the same topics.

To make sure that you will not lose your rankings, you need to review your top pages once every few months and ensure that the content is still relevant and up-to-date.

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