The Website Designing Trend In 2021

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Website design is important as it impacts how the audiences perceive a brand. The impression is big enough to make them either remain on your page or encourage them to leave the page and turn to a competitor.  In general speaking, a good web design is able to help you take lead in your field. Ultranet hereby provides you with the trending website design for 2021.

  1. Dark Mode

Believe that no one will get unfamiliar with this feature. White backgrounds have been considered as the default background and the only way to create empty space on website or apps for a long time. The dark mode is a great way to express modern, more elegant touch to your design. A research conducted by Ultranet shows that over 75% of web users wish to have dark mode visuals during their browsing for better user experiences. As it allows designers to splash their creativity, the dark mode is also shown to reduce more battery usage and provide better eyes protection by reducing light exposure.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism has become the enduring design trend that refuses to quit. It has slowly turned into the essentials of the work of those web designers over the past 10 years. Minimalisms focus more on the design principle than the visual style. It refuses to implement all unnecessary design, only the essentials will be kept, to create something simple, functional and memorable. “The more complicate our interface, the more user will struggle when it comes to using our products, we definitely do not want that.” Says Cristina, Ultranet’s Art Director.  Minimalist web design will continue to be a key component of modern UI design and predicted to be another big trend for the next century.

  1. Mixed media and Collage

Collage is about mixing all the photos, graphics, motions, and texts to create a relevantly inspiring and eye-catching artwork. The mixed media is now the new evolution of the collage trend. Animated collage, artistic textures, and even animated distorted text have really generated some impressively distinctive outcome. “The boundaries of art are being defined. Everyone is an artist themselves! We are just one click away from letting the world to see our masterpiece. The concept of mixing mediums and collage will only grow bigger from time to time.” Said Eunice, Ultranet’s Senior Graphic Designer. “Why choose only one when you can compile everyone’s masterpiece!” she said, with great excitement. “Art should just be borderless, not framed by a single pattern.”

  1. 3D & Geometric Design

Geometric shapes like polygons, diamonds, rectangles etc, are often used in modern web designing. The geometric web design has been taken to a new level by implementing 3D technology. It easily presents an ultramodern, futuristic effect by blending realistic objects, such as 3D shapes and floating objects into the geometric design. It’s a perfect fusion pairing geometric elements with minimalist and simple gridline, adding a whole new dimension to your design. “Design can be exceptionally attractive when it’s in its simplest design; can you believe it somehow shows order and structure even with grid line only design?” says Cristina. “It’s my fifth year in Ultranet, we did not receive any customer complains about our gridline designs so far.” Chuckles Gaby, Ultranet’s Product Manager.

  1. Interactive

Motion and animation in web design is a simple way to generate an exciting and engaging website. videos are proven to be the most engaging form of online content, it is not a surprise that motion designing will become the new trend to implement in website layouts. As a great way to engage your visitors while they learn more about your websites, its important to maintain a balance value between interactivity elements and the purpose of your websites. “You do not want your supporting elements to dominate the main purpose. Otherwise, it will sure be making a opposite outcome from what you expected.” Says Alice, Ultranet’s Senior Marketing Executive. It sure makes delightful experiences when it comes to utilize and application of motion to your design, it provides a transition between the content and interactions with the elements; hence bringing the user experience to another level.

The development of the internet has tended to be more comprehensive and accelerates at a faster pace in the last few years. Is your website ready to outstand countless competitors out there in the digital world?

Find us if your answer is no, we are missioned to make your business shine bright.

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