Key Digital Marketing Challenges Agencies Face and their Solutions

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Converting leads to buyers

Marketing agencies must attract and convert leads into sales to continue operating. But it’s normal for most of these to not generate sales, considering that 79% of marketing leads never convert into buyers.

That said, here are some reasons you’re missing out on leads altogether:

  • Not mapping out your customers’ journey
  • Producing tons of content thoughtlessly
  • And hard-selling, seriously.

Yes, it’s good to produce several guides to gain traction fast, but if you don’t slow down and assess value addition, your marketing is as good as dead.

Hard selling also robs you of LOTS of sales. Do you make your prospects dig into their pockets the first time they interact with your content? Why not nurture them with the right content first and then give them a legitimate reason to work with you?


It’s easy to convert prospects into sales once you understand your buyers’ journey, and then create the right content at different stages to push them down your sales funnel.

It begins with mapping out your customer journey so you can know your customer’s needs, motivations, and pain points.

Here’s how you can create an effective customer journey map:

  • Set clear goals. You’re bound to fail if you don’t have a clear goal mapping out your customer journey. Ask yourself what you intend to achieve with the map.
  • Collect data from your personas. Run surveys to understand leads who have interacted with your agency. Ask questions like, “Why did you choose to work with us?”
  • Jot down your target customer personas. You’ll notice there are multiple customer personas interacting with your agency. It’s now time to narrow these down to two at most. Choose the most common persona and the route they follow when engaging with your agency for the first time.
  • Not all touchpoints. These are the points where customers interact with you, whether it’s your site, social channels, ads, or third-party sites. Find the most common one and the actions your customers take.
  • Pick the elements to showcase. You’ll have to pick one out of the types of the customer journey map, whether it’s a day in the life, current state, future state, or service blueprint.
  • Review your resources. To give your customers a good experience, know the resources you have and the ones you’ll need in the future. Don’t hesitate to invest in better tools.
  • Experiment with your customer journey. Follow the paths your customer takes, whether it’s social, email, or websites. Find and fix loopholes to generate more sales.

Staying organized like top marketers

The life of a project manager is hectic. You log into your email and find texts from clients. Your team is also waiting for your feedback. How are you supposed to handle everything without losing your sanity, little bird?

From my experience, the worst you can do is to miss important updates from your team or clients. It’ll hurt your project delivery and piss off your clients. And you can guess what comes after. Cringe.

Well, prospects are clever, and they’re looking for red flags like disorganization to dump your agency. But if you stay organized, you’ll display professionalism and even double your productivity.


To stay organized, start by setting goals for your projects. You should have a clear timeline for communicating with your clients and finishing your projects.

Also, use the best project management software to manage your clients and team, and for better reporting. You’ll be on the same page with everyone.

Keeping up with the fast-evolving digital marketing world

Almost 46% of marketers agree that trends are changing faster than ever before.

Of course, some old marketing tactics remain unchanged, but others that worked like a charm before are ineffective in 2021 and beyond.

Emerging technologies are changing the way we approach:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Social listening
  • Automation
  • Project management and so on.

Several tools are also emerging. For example, businesses are now using AI tools to enhance the performance of their products, optimize internal business operations and make better decisions.

The reality is, agencies don’t mind embracing new trends like using fully automated chatbot platforms. But with lots of noise online, it’s hard to cherry-pick promising ones to incorporate into your marketing. You’ll have to sift through lots of them.

Another challenge with welcoming new trends is that it’s time-consuming to train employees and track and measure the relevant KPIs.


The trick here is to always keep an eye on emerging trends. How? Study your competition. If they’re getting results from incorporating trends and you’re ignoring them, then you’ll miss out on a lot.

You should also read top marketing blogs like Search Engine Journal to find out what industry experts recommend. Also, join relevant marketing forums and find out what’s working in the real world.

Last, ensure you equip your team with the resources they need to keep up with trends.

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