5 Social Media Tips to Empower Your Business

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With social media outreach, new users are added daily to leading social sites. A whooping number of almost 800,000 new users are getting socially connected with each passing day. Social media is the stepping stone for any kind of advertising or social exposure. In fact, absence from social media can create potential loss for your business.

Today social media is the most influential client based channel.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. are the major social sites handling millions of socially active followers.

But do you believe only your social presence matters? Well what counts is how you use social media to maximize your business.

Well, quickly take down some social media tricks to carve out your success story:

1Be Real – One of the reason why social media has been successful for both large & small organizations is that the customers rarely get an opportunity to see the human face of the business enterprises. Interacting via Facebook and Twitter is far less formal which avails you an opportunity to communicate with your customers in a more genuine and authentic way, and also share interesting information and provide advice about what you do.

2. Be Consistent with Your Content – Make it a priority to keep fresh content on each of your feed! Don’t abandon your account midway. When it comes to your posts, message feeds and how frequently you channelize social media, follow consistency in mind. Consistency is truly the key to success with any social media campaign. Plan out each content and how you’re going to post it and how often you’re going to post it, and just stick with it. Ideally you can start posting a few times a day or a week, depending on your goals and your followers. You can’t go from posting once a month to five times a day, come back and expect to have an engaged following.

3. Deliver Quality Posts – Quality attracts more followers. Never ever experiment with the standard of your posts on any social sites. Take time to choose the perfect headline, or align an appropriate photo with the content or research on the included hashtags. Practice proofreading before posting any feeds or messages. Just maintaining multiple social accounts is not enough, but formatting specific content for each platform has to be concisely done. For example you require photos for Instagram, videos and memes for Facebook, long posts for LinkedIn, short and snappy announcements for Twitter. Maintain posts differently, although the message delivered may be same.

4. Employ Social Networks – Your favorite social media site may not be your followers‘preferred surfing site. Hence keep posting across various social platforms. Maintain accounts on all reigning social sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook and be continuous in your feeds. Social media doesn’t work one-way. Make sure you like and comment others’ posts to keep that engagement flowing and engage new connections! Successful marketing plans depend on variation and robust social campaign. Economical and affordable social media platform can virtually help in every aspect of your marketing policies.

5. Be Regular – Regularity towards your posts on social sites is important. People tend to forget you, if you disappear for days or weeks without updating your profiles regularly. This doesn’t mean that you need to be on social media 24/7. Scheduling future updates to your Facebook, Twitter, or Blog are relatively easy to do with different tools (including MarketMeSuite, Tweetdeck). Scheduling also helps you to catch a more international crowd if you need to.

Social media lends a platform to exchange or propagate ideas. Serious stories apart moreover a common place to enjoy and have fun. Keep it casual and entertaining, but still focused on your business.

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