9 Types of Images for Digital Marketing

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Here are some ideas for digital marketing images that often work well in online marketing:

  1. Screenshots: Always perfect to show what you mean or add information to your content. It can bee screenshots of tools you mention, screenshots that illustrate a process, screenshots from statistics, or websites… You can use an editing tool to add some arrows, pointers, comments to your screenshots to highlight what you want to say.
  2. Quotes: If you have someone famous or an expert talking about your topic and agree with your point, make an image with a quote.
  3. Memes: Why not let your audience smile while consuming your content. A Meme can well be what people will remember. A meme in the digital world usually refers to an image captured with a humorous or provocative statement. Memes can inspire emotions, capture attention – and have a considerable branding effect. People often like to share memes that they can relate to, which makes part of the marketing power of memes.
  4. Social media images for the social networks that you are using: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter – make sure you provide images with the right dimensions – and don’t forget the text overlay for Pinterest. You have to be aware of what works in the various networks, and you have to know which networks you want your content to appear on. If you want your content to be shared on Pinterest, you need to create at least one pinnable image. If you want to see your content shared on Facebook, make sure there is an image in the optimal dimension for Facebook – otherwise, all your social media hoes will be crushed. Social media marketing needs images. If you need some help finding the optimal image sizes for your social media posts, check out this guide to social media image sizes.
  5. Photos from what you are writing about, from your workplace, from your events, from your product, be creative.
  6. Illustrations – this one is really something for the experts or some tools. So check out this tools’ list; maybe you find a tool that suits your needs.
  7. Infographics: No, you do not have to be a designer to create infographics, but a well-designed infographic with suitable color matches and fond combinations will have a better chance of marketing power. Tools like Canva come with templates that help you create infographics that don’t hurt the eye. Why are infographics especially powerful when it comes to marketing? Because people like to share them or at least share snippets of the infographic. Plus, bloggers love infographics. That means that often infographics with clearly displayed numbers and statistics have a massive potential of getting re-shared by other bloggers and earns you a link back to your blog as the source.
  8. Presentations – In a way, presentations often ask for similar content like infographics. In fact, infographics often are slides stuck together horizontally to form a tall image. A presentation allows you to present a ton of information in a sorted and easy to skim format. Single slides taken out of a presentation can also be used as images in written content – thus make slides something that people love to share and appreciate with a backlink. An excellent presentation follows some basic design rules considering color schemes and fonts. Make sure that all slides in one presentation stay consistent in design.
  9. Videos – Videos are not precisely images. But they fall into the same category when used to spice up your content. Besides, you can use them to get some extra visibility for your brand and content via YouTube or even Instagram. Videos are not the cheapest form of content – but on the other side, videos are an extremely high converting type of content. A study showed that a landing page that features a video will convert 84% better than a landing page without a video. Videos also have a lot of power when it comes to social media.


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