5 C’s of Digital Marketing in Ultranet

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Digital marketing is not a new term to anyone; everyone is well aware that digital marketing is used to generate revenues. People know about how digital marketing is adopted to take the business to a higher level. Digital marketing is the perfect use of digital technologies that enhance and encourage company and customer relationships.

Among all the digital marketing practices, five such key elements blend magically into the company-customer relationship’s activities and offer firm results, both to the company and the customer.


We often come across the phrase “Content is the King”; perhaps, that is true because the strengths and weaknesses primarily depend on its content. Ultranet uses the content to keep the customer engaged with the website and ends up bringing organic traffic. Customers, competitors, almost everyone has an eye on the content and what materials provide to the customer. Thus, the content has to be relevant and perfectly suitable for the customers’ demands.

If the content doesn’t convey the message that a customer is seeking, it probably loses the entire marketing strategy’s essence. Therefore, Ultranet creates content that is useful to the customer. The content should be inspiring and should help in clarifying the context of the company.

Content on a website or social media platform must not look like a mere formality. Instead, it should have the capability to fetch the customer’s attention. “Customers’ attention is drawn only if they find the content helpful to them because, without an adequate influence of content, the idea of presenting the message is meaningless,” mentioned Mr Xavier, Chief Technology Officer.

Content should be crisp and understandable to the customer. It should simply present the ideas and information that the company is promoting and, at the same time, the customer is interested in it.


The second element that is enlisted in the index of 5C’s is creativity. Content marketing relies on the creativity of the experts. The creation of content requires immense caliber like the content has to be original and must have the ability to offer much more than the competitors. Creativity and innovation are must-added components that make the content-rich.

Ultranet would advise trying to use pictures compatible with the content. Pictures play like a brief highlight to the customer. If the picture is suitable to what a customer is looking for, they will stick to the page and scroll down. If there is no picture, there is a chance the reader can leave the page and look for some other appealing content.

Creativity can be in any form. It’s not that just adding an image would fulfill the place of creativity. Creativity can be any video, infographic, or any other art form that goes well with the customer’s demand. The images posted on social networking sites must complement the content. The main focus is to present the best service with the context that overlaps the competitor and fits in a company’s competitive advantage criteria.


The 3rd C that boosts the marketing strategy for a business is determined consistency. No matter how much time Ultranet requires, but the priority should be stable consistency. In this hustling world, don’t rush for a quantity. Instead, run for quality. And a better quality emerges only if we are consistent with our service.

If you are unable to update an article or a blog daily. No worries! Yes, you read that right. If you cannot post daily, then do not stress, yet try being consistent by imparting inspiring and influencing content to the reader.

Ultranet maintains proper consistency, fixes a schedule, and tries being regular on that idea. Whether it’s a client report, newsletter, or editorial on the page, Ultranet is consistent on that. Monthly, weekly, or on alternate days, there should be a specific time zone for your contexts.


Communication is a channel to reach out to any person, universally. When we talk about digital marketing, communication is the fundamental aspect that is indulged in the marketing method’s tools.

Without proper communication, nothing is possible. A conversation with the client/customer or employees is a necessary thing. Today, we have various platforms that fill the void of the communication gap.

Gone are the days when we need to meet physically and discuss things or sell a product. At present, we have a million mediums that can virtually convey our message and purchase things at home. The covid-19 pandemic is a befitting example that makes us realize the value of communication.

Companies allowed work-from-home to their employees, and accurate communication is a significant factor that didn’t harm their work and business. Thus, this is how communication is a superlative part of digital marketing.

Client Customization

Last but not least, client customization is an integral part of the whole business game. As the foundation of a business is dependent on a client or customer. If there is no customer, there is no point in any business. It is the client for whom all the practices of digital marketing are applicable.

In today’s age, customization contributes essential perks to the customers and the business. The client now collaborates with a prolific digital marketing agency to execute their business profoundly. And a client’s trust is won by the agency only after making them believe in the flawless service offered by them.

Ultranet has a customized method to reach out to the clients, like checking on them, doing some formal research. Ensuring we are interactive enough to understand their goals. Understanding their requirement is the first-hand we extend to them for making marketing campaigns a better opportunity.

Overall, these 5 C’s are the subtle tools that enhance the purpose of marketing.

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