The Power of Digital Marketing

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Today we live in a world that is constantly digitizing. The digital-social scape is indeed very vast and diverse today, more than ever. Today social interactions are based more on digital platform as compared to earlier times. Within the business fraternity the marketing function was considered as one of the most challenging and tedious, but thanks to the emergence of digital marketing, it has been one of the most indulging and powerful functions employed by businesses today. There are numerous literature that highlight the power of digital marketing and consumer perspectives. A famous book by writer GM Susanto suggests that digital marketing is one of the most important aspect in business and entrepreneurship today. The rise in the number of digital marketing companies and marketing, online advertising, web marketing and display advertising companies support the fact that digital marketing and online marketing strategy is one of the best options for marketing today.

Why has digital marketing been so popular?

The question here arises-what is the power of digital marketing? Evidence suggests that businesses employing digital marketing are more successful as compared to traditional marketing approaches such as print and other forms of media. The power of digital marketing strategy is not just in customer engagement but in sustainable customer conversion and retention as well. Another reason for the popularity of digital marketing is the value for money. There is a need to debunk what are the benefits of digital marketing and internet marketing?

Persistent Brand Value

One of the major reasons for the increasing power of the digital media is its ability to convert simple contents into powerful brand messages. Digital brand value has proven to be more powerful than physical (hard brand value such as print) because of its ability to multiply quickly and effectively.


With digital marketing delivering key messages and content to targeted audience has become available at the fingertips. It provides an opportunity to reach the widest range of audience compared to previous word to mouth approach. Today one hashtag content can engage millions of customers from the comfort of your homes.

Best Value for Money

Digital marketing is much cheaper in terms of lead creation and market conversion. Marketing and branding expenses are one of the highest among business expenses. Thanks to digital marketing, businesses can now easily monitor and control it better for meeting targets. This gives businesses the power to refine their marketing strategies from time to time, by checking the effectiveness of their content in terms of conversion to their businesses.

Greater Reach

With growing use of social media, businesses can reach target audience in all corners of the world. Businesses need not be limited to their own country but can reach international audience and that too choosing what content to show to which audience. Businesses can easily design marketing plans according to their audience’s preferences, age gender, geographical location and interests. Virtually, businesses can now control their audience’s preferences, the exact reversal of business-customer roles previously.

Undaunted Creativity 

Digital platforms have given businesses to utilize fearless creativity. Today businesses do not have to rely on illustrations alone. They have the liberty to design videos, customer support chats, bots and audio and numerous other contents to engage their customers in their products and services. Digital marketing has created a platform for professionals in the IT sector and advertisement sector to get their creative juices flowing.


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