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Digital Marketing & Advertising: Are they Same or Are They Similar

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Digital marketing and digital advertising! In the first look, both of them appear to be the same. It is common to think that Digital marketing and advertising are the same terms used synonymously. But these two terms are entirely different from each other. However, these two terms are relatively related to one another.

When the digital platform uses its advance for marketing a product or service or event, then the concept of digital marketing comes to picture. It is more simple to say as achieving marketing objectives using well-defined strategy, implementing the system, using the industry’s best practices, by using the digital technologies and medium. In short, it is about placing the right Product, at the right time, in the right place, using the right strategy and the right Price.

Digital Advertising: Digital advertising is a means of promoting a product or a service or an event through the digital platform through a banner or a pop-up message or a clickable link. In this digital advertisement, the messages reach to the target audience through the internet.

Types of Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is done tactically and through a strategy. Digital Marketing strategy usually creates an image or a brand name of the Product or service or the event. These may be in the form of a company’s website, digital advertisements, infographics, logos, white-papers, etc.

Thus, Online Advertising or Online Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a broader term, while digital advertising is a part of this more comprehensive perspective.

Types of Digital Advertising: There are mainly three types of digital advertising. They are:

  1. Search ads such as Pay Per Words.
  2. Display ads such as banners, pop-ups, video, etc.
  3. Ads on Social Media Platforms: for example, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Digital Marketing Principle: Digital Marketing is a concept that involves 4 Ps. These four P’s are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. The Product defines the qualities and features of the goods and services, which have to reach their real buyer. Promotion depends on the methods used to inform the customers about the products and services’ features and quality. This stage is known as digital advertising. The place is the location or the virtual platform at which Product or services are available to the public or the users.

Thus, we can say that digital marketing is a means of making a way out, through the cut-throat competition in the market, by creating a brand image of your Product or service or event. This brand image formed on the online podium will drive your Product or service advertisement without advertising throughout its lifetime.

Digital marketing is thus a plan or an outline to market one’s business, target their respective audience, attract the audience, convert them to, one’s product or services, potential buyer and finally retain the audience or buyers as loyal customers.

Digital Advertising Principle: Digital advertising role comes to fore when the internet for promoting the Product or service or event. This Promotion to attract the target audience and convert them into potential customers. Is a short time process, and this process can be easily re-done or replicated. The tactical nature of advertising is specified only to promote a product for a specific duration or target.

When should Advertising be done during Digital Marketing?

Advertising a product or a service or a brand is done to create a known public brand image. This image creates brand awareness among the targeted and potential customers of the Product or service or the event. Once the attention or an appearance among the customers, then the advertisement may stop. Thus, advertising is just a source of generating more traffic towards your Product or service.

However, this is not the case for Marketing. Marketing is a lifelong process. Marketing begins with the very inception of the idea about the Product or service or event to be sold or organized. Involves all the steps of critical planning about the Product by stating and defining the objectives clearly. Then, annual goals that are to be achieved by the team of marketers. After this, a budget for the process with a well-planned and well-defined marketing metrics. Then, the ways to achieve the set targets and objectives by the team. Thus, this is a long-term process that cannot be replicated or re-done.

Benefits from Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing: According to well-defined concepts, advertising helps to achieve immediate goals and immediate profits. By this strategy, the products and services by running ads on the online podium, the potential leads for the cause. Besides this, hefty profits through this method. It makes your Product or event or service heavily prevalent or increases their demands rapidly as soon as they are on the online arena.

On the other hand, online marketing done through well-planned strategy is a long-term process. Sets off slowly, gaining the markets at a slow pace, and then, once it makes the Product or service, a brand, it remains in the mind and heart of the people for a long duration. It has a long-term impact on its targeted customers.

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